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Compatible Partners is one of the main online dating sites built specifically to find the perfect gay or lesbian soulmate. It uses specific algorithms to matchmaking directly from the users preferences. The website itself is extremely well made and fully compatible on mobile devices. It is clear and easy to use. Members will find it easy to meet new people not only for love but to connect with new friends.

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Compatible Partners Communication

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Chat Functions
Video Chat
Users on Compatible Partners will be able to communicate with each other using the built-in tools. The communication system is fairly good. Users on Compatible Partners will be able to use the email functionality offered on the site to talk to each other. There is no chat system available on the website. Additionally, there is no option to use any video chat system on the website.

Compatible Partners Matching System

Overall Rating
Personality Test
Profile Matching
Profile Visitors
Block Users
The matching system on Compatible Partners is very good and above average. The website itself will use the personality test to match users up with each other. It will also be based on profile criteria filters. Users will be able to see who watched their profiles in the last days. Users can also decide to block other users on Compatible Partners.

Compatible Partners Search Features

Overall Rating
Picture Search
Keyword Search
Now-Online Search
Search By Profile Criteria
Show New Members
The searches functions on Compatible Partners could be slightly improved to help its users. Members can filter their searches using the pictures of the users. However, the website does not offer the option to search using keywords. The users cannot see who is online. Users also cannot search by profile criteria. However, users can see the new members on the site.

Compatible Partners Mobile Use

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Mobile Usability
App Usability
Android App
iPhone App
The mobile usability of Compatible Partners is excellent and perfect for its users. The website adapts beautifully from desktop to its mobile version. There is also an App for Compatible Partners. The App usability is outstanding. Android users will be able to download the App on the Play Store. Likewise, the iOS users will be able to download it on the App Store.

Compatible Partners Usability

Overall Rating
Login with Facebook
Ease Of Registration
Ease Of Use
The registration and ease of use of Compatible Partners is outstanding and will make it a very enjoyable experience for all its users. However, users will not be able to register using their Facebook account. It is extremely easy to register on Compatible Partners. Once registered, users will take little to no time to setup their profile and start seeking for a soulmate. It is extremely easy to use the website on any device.

Compatible Partners Popularity

Overall Rating
Male/Female Ratio 51/49
Main Age Range 25-45
The user base and popularity of Compatible Partners is one of its key points. There are plenty of users registered on the site. The profile quality is outstanding, which will help members meet others in a very interactive way on Compatible Partners. The gender ratio is very well balance. The average age fluctuates between 25 and 45 years of age.

Compatible Partners Support

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Support FAQ
E-mail / Contact Form
Helpful Articles
The customer support offered on Compatible Partners is one of the best out there in the dating sites community. There is an FAQ section on the website for those having commonly asked queries. Users will be able to contact the customer support department for more private queries using the email services provided. Users will also be able to contact the direct phone number for quicker queries. Users can also access the help articles available on Compatible Partners. However, there is still no support forum on the website.

Compatible Partners Terms And Conditions

Overall Rating
Free Offer
Highest Price 29.00 USD
Lowest Price 13.00 USD
Free Trial Period 0
Monthly Plan
Compatible Partners terms and conditions are outstanding for its members. There is a free plan offered when the members first sign up and they can choose to keep it that way. For those that wish to upgrade to a premium membership, the price point is medium. The cancellation terms are very transparent and clear for all to see and access. Unfortunately though, there is no option to cancel the membership on a monthly basis.

Compatible Partners Summary

Compatible Partners Screenshot

Compatible Partners is a very well made and organised dating site to meet your soulmate. It is focused on the gay and lesbian community. The website is extremely easy to use and can be easily accessed from mobile devices. The terms and conditions are fair and transparent. The communication functionalities are exceptional. Overall, users of Compatible Partners will find it to be an outstanding experience.

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