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Top Choice: Best Online Dating Site
Best for professional and well educated singles.
More than 13m singles worldwide. Ideal age 25-50

Top pick for long-term relationships and marriage.
More than 2.5m singles from the US. Ideal age 25-45

America’s premier site for senior dating.
More than 2.5m singles worldwide. Ideal age 50Plus

The #1 choice for Jewish daters in search of singles from their community.
More than 750 thousand singles worldwide. Ideal age 25-50

Go-to spot for Christians to find singles with similar values.
More than 300 thousand singles from the US. Ideal age 20-50

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How Do I Find The Best Dating Site?

Here are some tips to help you find the best dating sites:

There are many dating sites and all of them pride themselves on being the best.

But which dating site will give you the best chance to find the right partner easily and quickly?

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5 Tips For A Successful Online Dating Profile

Follow the tips below to find the right partner through an optimal online dating profile.

No matter if you want to find the love of your life or just someone to flirt with, you should present yourself as interesting as possible.

It is important to create a profile that distinguishes itself from the masses while keeping a natural and authentic appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find the Best Dating Site?

Finding the best dating site is not rocket science.

You just need three things in a dating site:

  1. Lots of active members (the more, the better!).
  2. Members that meet your desired profile.
  3. Fair terms and conditions so that you don’t get scammed.

That’s it! - Find a site that fulfills these three things for you and you’re done.

BUT, you might ask: HOW do I EXACTLY do that?

Now, that’s where we are coming in!

Why Does Help Me to Find the Best Dating Site?

Because we are the experts!

Our review team lives, breathes, eats and digests (sorry for that) comparing dating sites. For years, now.

We check all the important factors like

and a lot more.

That’s why we know exactly, which sites are currently working and which are not!

Based on that expert knowledge we recommend EliteSingles and eharmony for regular dating,

Why? Because they have lot’s of singles because you can find the ones that meet your dream profile and because we have checked their terms.

For Senior Dating we recommend SilverSingles.

Why? - Lot’s of members, all are 50 Plus and looking for love and a serious relationship, and we have checked their terms.

Why Should I Believe You, That You Present the Best Sites Here?

Good question!

Because your objectives and ours are the same.

YOU are looking for the most popular dating sites.

WE have the greatest benefit when presenting the most popular dating sites.

Why so?

When YOU use the most popular dating sites, you have the best chances to find an attractive partner without risking to be scammed.

When WE present EXACTLY THESE SITES to you, we earn commissions from them. That’s how we can offer this service for free while putting all our time and energy in. (Actually, we are not a charity. We are a dating site comparison business.)

In short: The sites that work best for you are the ones that work best for us - namely the biggest and most powerful dating sites in the US.

Try them for free.

Sign up with EliteSingles and eharmony, now.

Or, if you are 50-Plus, sign up with SilverSingles, now.

Thanks for using our service! We wish you success with your online dating!

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